How to Implement 2-Step Verification in ASP.NET MVC
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by Keyvan Nayyeri
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As I mentioned above, there are different variants of implementing 2-step or phone verification on a website, and there isn’t a classic method that I can discuss here. The implementation also varies by the structure of a website, its requirements, and some other factors. However, in this post, I’m going to implement a simple prototype of a 2-step verification system for an ASP.NET MVC application that follows a standard approach. The implementation is easy to inspire and even simpler in ASP.NET Web Forms since you can use server controls to achieve many goals faster and easier.

Here I use the default ASP.NET MVC application template (with Razor view engine) provided by Microsoft and modify that so after the user provides the correct username and password combination, I send a text message with a verification code to a mobile number, and then ask the user to enter this code to be able to sign in. In order to save users from the hassle of redoing this verification every time, I use the IP address and user agent of the client as two factors to identify trusted machines. Of course, there are better ways to achieve uniqueness but I skip them here for the sake of simplicity that I need for educational purposes. After a successful login from a trusted machine/browser, user doesn’t need to redo this process, and only repeats that when he’s using a different IP address and/or browser.

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Title: No source code?   
Name: Larry Q
Date: 2011-12-07 10:39:10 AM
Hi everyone,

I enjoyed Keyvan's article very much, however the source code link doesn't work. Is it possible to get the source from another location? Many thanks for writing this article, before I forget.


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