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by Brian Desmond
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      Peter’s Date Package doesn’t just do date entry. It does times too. A control called TimeOfDayTextBox handles all of the time entry functions, with the usual boatload of properties to go with. Buttons can be attached to the textbox to facilitate incrementing the time and keystrokes are handled too. Just as the DateTextBox has several validators that can be attached, TimeOfDayTextBox has them too. Formatting can be guaranteed, times can be compared, and times can be checked against a range.

      Visually, the controls are astounding. They are completely customizable in almost every respect. General appearance is all controlled by CSS style sheets, and the renderings look great. The controls render properly downward in a whole host of browsers, handling features server side which are not supported by the client browser.

      The manual included with Peter’s Date Package is some 175 printed pages long. Each control and property is explained in depth, and a multitude of samples which cover all sorts of scenarios are included. The samples are all printed in VB.Net and C#. The manual is a PDF rather than a CHM which integrates with Visual Studio.Net. Given the tools available to do this, it would be nice to be able to browse from VS.Net. The PDF included with the package is very in depth, and well beyond a simple CHM file in many ways. Nonetheless, a help file for VS.Net which gave an overview of all the methods, properties, etc in the package and links to the topics in the PDF would be very helpful.

      Peter knew I was writing this when I sent in a couple of tech support questions, so I cannot objectively say anything about the support services provided by I can, however, based on the various testimonials printed at several industry leading sites (i.e., make an educated guess that his answers to questions are excellent and timely.

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