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by Steven Smith
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How are we using it?

We using Vault through our web hosting provider, OrcsWeb.  They offer a hosted Vault service (see details).  Thus far this setup has been trouble-free and relatively fast (ok, it's not super-fast, but the speed limitation is due to my bandwidth and the Internet, not anything under my, Orcsweb, or Vault's control as far as I can tell).  One big bonus of Vault over other tools is that it doesn't take forever to initially synchronize because it only compares differences between files, not full files, so less bandwidth is required.

Since most of the actual setup and deployment of the Vault server was done by Orcsweb at AspAlliance's request, I asked them for a quote.  Here's what they said:

"SourceGear has put together a product that is set to make a difference in the programming development community.  Built entirely using the .NET framework and MS SQL Server as the database there is little doubt that we'll be hearing more about Vault in the weeks and months to come.  My only complaint is lack of phone support but their email support has been great.  Not only is the product easy to use, powerful and stable, but the team behind the scenes have proven over and over to exceed my expectations.  Not only was release 1.0 an exciting product but the changes and new features since then have proven that SourceGear really does have both the vision and ability to make this a product for casual and advanced user alike."
    Scott Forsyth, ORCSWeb Hosting
Currently, is using Vault to store all of the source code for the site, including the advertising server which runs about 35Million ads per month.  Other open community projects, like RegExLib and AspAdvice, also have their code hosted on our Vault server at OrcsWeb.
Currently we have about 5 developers working with the source, and the most frequent access is by me personally, but it has proven to be a useful collaborative tool.  It's not a panacea for team development, which is still painful with VS.NET for web applications (project files and single DLLs per web app being the main sources of pain), but it is a great way to manage code and ensure that things don't accidentally get deleted, or to roll back major problems that are created unknowingly.

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User Comments

Title: Integration is easy   
Name: lbauer
Date: 2010-09-14 4:06:29 PM
For integration, the Vault client should be installed after installing Visual Studio so it will create the proper registry keys. The current version of Vault supports VS 2003, VS 2005, VS 2008 and VS 2010. In VS 2005 and later, you can enable integration under the menu Tools->Options->Source Control->Plugin selection.
Title: I don't see where youa re coming from here   
Name: Howard Taylor
Date: 2006-05-16 2:39:00 PM
I have tried to get Vault going where I work and it just isn't working. Can you tell me how to integrate it with the VS IDE? I have downloaded the .pdf files from a Vault web site and followed the instructions as I understand them but nothing appears under the VS menus.

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