Review of Making Web Service Calls
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by Wenfeng Gao
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Making Web Service Calls from ASPX Pages: A Heavily Loaded Site

If you detect that the thread pool is the bottleneck and the cause is some lengthy Web service calls, then first you should try the asynchronous approaches discussed before. That will improve the performance of your app significantly. If that doesn’t address your issue, then you should switch to IIS 6.0 if you still use IIS 5.0 or increase the size of the thread pool by changing the setting of your machine.config. Most likely you have a very heavily loaded site and you should scale out other applications on the same machine where the Web server is located. So the change made on the machine.config file will not affect on other applications.

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User Comments

Title: Code example   
Name: Sean Anderson
Date: 2009-05-26 8:02:17 AM
Likewise, I would be very interested in seeing a working example of this, as I have read the article here (and the one on MSDN) both of which give a very good overview of the approach, but without a full example I am rapidly getting stuck.
Title: Great articles but...   
Name: Pascal
Date: 2009-05-21 7:38:29 AM
Same comments, great articles but would be nice to have a sample code, not that easy to try when you don't know where you going.
Title: req sample code downloadable..   
Name: Karthik
Date: 2006-01-02 1:13:44 AM
the article was a nice one.
it would be more good if sample code(downloadable) for asynchronous webservices.
can that be done?


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