Review: The Guru's Guide to SQL Server Architecture and Internals
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by Teemu Keiski
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Basic Information

The book separated to five sections.  It has 1021 pages in 25 chapters and 2 essays including the index.


Part I: Foundations

1. Overview
2. Windows Fundamentals
3. Processes and Threads
4. Memory Fundamentals
5. I/O Fundamentals
6. Networking Fundamentals
7. COM
8. XML

Part II: Subsystems, Components and Technologies

9. SQL Server as a Server
10. User Mode Scheduler
11. SQL Server Memory Management
12. Query Processor
13. Transactions
14. Cursors
16. Full-Text Search

Part III: Data Services

17. Server Federations
19. Notification Services
20. Data Transformation Services
21. Snapshot Replication
22. Transactional Replication
23. Merge Replication

Part IV: Undocumented SQL Server

24. Finding Undocumented Features

PART V: Essays

Why I Really, Really Don't Like Fish!
Pseudo-Techie Tactics 101

The publisher, Addison-Wesley maintains a web site for the book. The author does not have a direct web site for the book, but a naturally interesting resource about the product itself is SQL Server's pages at 

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