Windows Scripting Components (WSC) in ASP
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Using the Script

Using the Script

Ok, now we can use the script in ASP. Your ASP file should look something like this -


Set objWSC = CreateObject("testscript.wsc")
Response.Write(objWSC.CalcTax(5.20) & "<br>")
'Response.Write(objWSC.privated & "<br>")


This code should be familiar to you. It creates the object like any other ASP component and then we proceed to print various things to the screen -

Hello Printed by WSC

I commented out the last line because you will get an error (because, if you remember, it's a private property). Also, we used CalcTax instead of Tax on the second line.

You can also use the Script in your page if its on another server i.e.


Set objWSC = CreateObject("testscript.wsc", "box2")


Uses the testscript.wsc on the computer called box2.

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