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IIS Configuration

IIS Configuration

There is still one last step before it is ready - setting up IIS.

The reason we have to set up IIS is because we specified in web.config to response to *.gmt files and in order for it to do that, the ASP.NET worker process must be sent all requests for *.gmt files and the only way to do that is through IIS.

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First in the web or virtual directory properties. Go to the Configuration.

Next, click to add a new mapping.

On this dialog, set the Executable to the aspnet_isapi.dll file in the .NET folder (you can just copy this from another .NET extension).
Then set the Extension to whatever you set in web.config (here it's .gmt)
I unchecked Check that file exists so I wouldn't have to create any new files.

Now that that's complete, load up Mozilla and go to something like - http://localhost/something.gmt. If you also unchecked Check that file exists then you won't have to create any new files in order to browse there.

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