Reasons to Upgrade Your Web Application to Crystal 10
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by Eric Landes
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Works Better in the Enterprise Environment
Crystal 10 now includes more native driver support, and better integration with ADO.NET.  Now, if you have created a dataset in your project, in your connection information you can point to the class.  You can either point to the dataset file or the class to be consumed as your data source.

There are a ton of native drivers as well.  Drivers like ACT!, Exchange Folder, Java Beans, NT Event Logs, IIS Log Files, give lots of flexibility in the types of data sources you can access.  And since these use native drivers, it seems to be something that would work well in the Enterprise.  I was surprised that the SQLClient .NET class was not included, but that’s probably something that won’t be included until the .NET framework is ubiquitous on the desktop.

Along with the scalability gains and gains in report designer functionality, Crystal will be included with the next release of Visual Studio.  That release (2005), will include a .NET version based on the Crystal Reports 10 engine.  It will still be scaled down, and only useable with Visual Studio, but using Crystal 10 now continues the upgrade path.

One thing that I didn’t see was an update of the report object model.  I would like to see logging onto different subreports a little easier, at least in the beginning.  I also would love to see automated report generation made a little easier.  Microsofts Reporting Services outputs the actual report format in xml.  I really like that approach, and would love to see that. 


Hopefully this article gives you an idea of the new features of Crystal Reports.  Keep in mind that Crystal also has other products that might be useful for your organization.  Products like Report Analysis, and Crystal Enterprise might make sense for organizations with large reporting needs.  I did not really touch on the reusability that has been included in this starting from Crystal 9. 

I like the Crystal Designer interface, for report programmers and power users.  I’ve found it powerful, but useable.  Many of the other reporting options do not include this as an option.  I think for a lot of organizations this along with familiarity of the Crystal product is a good reason to use it.  If that sounds like  your organization, you might want to look into the Crystal 10 upgrade for the reasons I’ve mentioned and more.  It has a lot to offer the Enterprise.  Keep on coding!


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User Comments

Title: Good Job   
Name: Kaja Moinudeen
Date: 2004-09-29 2:37:13 AM
This article was very helpful.I too wasn't comfortable with that client side printing .

Note:I tried to rate this article as Excellent.But there seems to be some problem with that page.
Title: Licensing Again   
Name: Kaja Moinudeen
Date: 2004-09-29 2:33:34 AM
Yeah they say in business objects site that we need a license if the web application is redistributed to a third party.Does that mean with the advanced license we have we can distribute it to the clients without additional license?.Please clarify on this matter.
Title: thank you   
Name: Jame Acle
Date: 2004-09-08 2:28:30 AM
this is great. can u pls send me a tutorial of this version.
kindly send this to thank you very much.
Title: Page setting in Crystal   
Name: Ravindra
Date: 2004-09-02 2:28:38 AM
I am using CRYSTAL REPORTS FOR VISUAL STUDIO .NET for designing reports. The problem is designing reports for preprinted stationary. There is no option to set the page size. Is there any solution for this problem?
Awaiting a positive reply. Thanks in advance.

Title: How To Upgrade Would Be Nice   
Name: Licensing is VERY Confusing
Date: 2004-08-26 2:46:21 PM
I'm sitting here with Crystal Reports 10 Advanced Developer's Version. I'm stumped on how to implement it and bring all my reports up to speed and ensure the "queue" is working. Will spend a few sleepless nights trying to figure it, out then I'll get cracking on the Reporting Services solution I have in mind to get around the Crystal Reports complexities.
Title: You don't need PDF to do client-side printing   
Name: Francis
Date: 2004-08-25 3:08:49 PM
If you don't want to rely on Acrobat Reader for printing, you can set CrystalReportViewer.PrintMode to PrintMode.ActiveX. Then, your client machines will get a downloaded that will print directly to printers connected to the client machine. uses the same printing logic as the ActiveX viewer.

Hope this helps,

Title: understand their licensing   
Name: Paul Van Dyck
Date: 2004-08-23 1:50:59 PM
Good article. Thanks.

More information on how to understand the licensing would be helpful.

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