Read and Write BLOB Data to a Database Table with ODP.NET
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Published: 27 Dec 2004
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By utilizing ODP.NET, Oracle database, and really very little effort you also can store images as a Blob for convenient storage and simple categorization.
by Steven Swafford
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Read and write BLOB data to a database introduction

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The purpose of this article is to provide the mechanism to accomplish the following:

  1. Execute an insert SQL statement against an Oracle database.
  2. Saving image data to the database.
  3. Writing image data to a file from the database.


You should be familiar with an IDE such as Visual Studio .NET or equivalent. While such an IDE is not required it does make development efforts much easier. Also you should possess an understanding of ODP.NET and databases. In this case since we are using ODP.NET all further references to the database will be implied as an Oracle database.

Now that I have discussed to objective and prerequisites we will now move on to establishing the database schema related to this article.

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User Comments

Title: Read/Write BLOB data when file > 32K   
Name: Roger Rowe
Date: 2005-03-07 1:03:00 PM
Go see this article:;en-us;322796
This shows you how to insert larger data - your version will die for data larger than 32K - a PLSQL limitation).

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