Visual WebGui - A unique approach to AJAX development
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by Guy Peled
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Visual WebGui Developer Guidelines

·         Visual WebGui automatically detects components that need to be updated, updating the most granular change possible for the updated component.  By updating only required components users can optimize application performance and bandwidth usage.  For example, updating a list view item should be preferred over updating the full list view since Visual WebGui can send only the changed list view item and redraw only that item.

·         Visual WebGui automatically queues unhandled events for post back optimization.  Developers should remove unused event handlers or consider using their queued version.  By definition every event handler that does not interact with the user is a potential candidate to be attached to the queued version of the event.

·         Visual WebGui modal dialogs are only modal on the client side as opposed to WinForms implementation and dialog.  Results should be retrieved by attaching to the closed event.

·         Visual WebGui can have more than one root form as opposed to WinForms implementation.   Each root form is mapped to a virtual WGX URL in the application configuration file.

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