Video: Using the ATLAS Timer Control to Change Advertisements Without Postbacks
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Published: 10 Jul 2006
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In this small video Mohammad demonstrates how you can use the ATLAS Timer Control to change the advertisements on the page without a postback.
by Mohammad Azam
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User Comments

Title: I think this is wrong   
Name: John Pol
Date: 2007-03-25 10:27:17 AM
I could be completely seeing things here but there is something wrong in this approach. I've built and run your sample and find something very interesting going on here - using Ajax this is in fact posting back to the server. It looks like it is also in your video. Watch the status bar and you'll see what I mean. Am I missing something in the configuration somewhere?
Title: timer   
Name: naresh
Date: 2006-10-13 5:35:41 AM
this is good
Title: Atlas Timer Control   
Name: sajan
Date: 2006-09-12 12:23:49 AM
I did the example.But Image load first and afterthat picture disappears and page becomes blank.What is the solution:Plz reply soon
Title: My homepage   
Name: Quentin
Date: 2006-09-04 1:18:13 AM
Great work!
[url=]My homepage[/url] | [url=]Cool site[/url]
Title: more about timer   
Name: Rifat Yavuz
Date: 2006-08-22 2:07:08 AM
Hello Mohammed,

I am trying to write a web application on 2.0 platform, as I was checking timer on the client side , I have found your helpful article.

It is really pretty simple and nice when you like to do something periodically.

But my application's requirements are beyond the scope of this. I am trying to write an exam application, that the participant will be using over internet. When the participant logs in, the timer should start, after n hours, the exam should end. and during the exam. This application is also simulating outlook, therefore there are some events fired up, receiving m emails through the exam duration. m emails are scheduled according to the begin time of the participant.

so what do you suggest on coding this timing stuff?

Thank you

Rifat Yavuz

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