Visual Studio 2005 Profiles and a Few Tweaks I like to Make
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Published: 21 Oct 2005
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In this article, Scott demonstrates how to work with Profiles using Visual Studio 2005. He also provides explanation about how to tweak VS2005 to reap maximum benefits.
by Scott Guthrie
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One of the new features in VS 2005 is the support for "profiles" in the IDE.  Profiles provide the ability to define pre-set defaults for options, menus, key-bindings, and command-bars across the tool-set.  VS 2005 ships with several built-in profiles out of the box including: VB, C#, C++, Web, Test, and a General Development Settings similar to 2003.  When VS launches the very first time it prompts a user to pick which of these profiles to use by default (note that you can build all app types and even use all languages regardless of which profile you pick).

If you ever want to change or reset your profile, you can select the Tools->Import and Export Settings menu option.  It will then walk-you through a wizard where you can export or import settings to/from others (these are saved as XML files that you can ship around to work colleagues or friends).  If you select the "reset all settings" radio button in this dialog, it will let you nuke and re-pick your default profile from scratch (for example: to re-pick the C#, VB or Web one by default).

There is bound to be lots of debate as to which profile is best, and why different options are set differently in whichever profile.  The good news is that once you pick a profile, you can tweak it however you want to make it "perfect" (where perfect = what you personally think is right).

I’ve seen a few common questions on forums about profile tweaks (how do I make it do xyz) that I thought I’d call out in case you were interested:

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User Comments

Title: Thanks   
Name: Hugo A.
Date: 2008-10-15 11:51:38 AM
This is a usefull article. I wanna know how to personalize each perfil. For example Crtl+x = Close all windows.

Thanks again.
Title: missing search   
Name: vs2005 ide toolbar question
Date: 2007-04-11 10:51:42 AM
in vs2005, i don't see the search text area in the tool bar. beside it was a dropdown(search solution, project etc).
How do i get it restored?
Title: Very usefull article   
Name: Harm Neervens
Date: 2007-04-03 1:33:11 AM
Hi Scott,

This document was very helpfull. Some of these (hidden feateres) I would have been searching for days...
Title: Solution Configurations   
Name: Jyothi Sankuri
Date: 2006-08-23 4:11:55 PM
hey I could add the Solution Configurations but its inactive to change, could you please tell me how to make it active and change the configuration to the debug mode.
Thanks & Regards,
Jyothi Sankuri

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