Introducing Design Patterns
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by Joydip Kanjilal
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Behavioral Patterns

Behavioral patterns help you define a structure for inter-object communication between objects in your system.  This design pattern is typically used to monitor the messages that are transmitted when the objects communicate in a system.  The following are the sub patterns under Behavioral Patterns.

·         Chain of Responsibility

·         Command

·         Interpreter

·         Iterator

·         Mediator

·         Memento

·         Observer

·         State

·         Strategy

·         Template Method

·         Visitor

The Chain of Responsibility Pattern is one that details a way of passing a request between a chain of objects.  The Command Pattern encapsulates a command request as an object.  The Interpreter Pattern is a way to include language elements in a program.  The Iterator Pattern sequentially accesses the elements of a collection.  The Mediator Pattern defines simplified communication between classes.  The Memento Pattern captures and restores an object's internal state.  The Observer Pattern is a design pattern that provides a way of notifying a change to a number of its dependant classes.  Therefore, when one object changes its state, so do all its dependant objects in the sub system.  The State Pattern is a design pattern that changes an object's behavior when the internal state of the object changes.  The Strategy Pattern is used to encapsulate a family of algorithms inside a class and use them interchangeably and independent of the client application that use the same.  The Template Method Pattern is a design pattern that is used to provide a template of an algorithm and defers some of the steps of the algorithm to the subclasses.  The Visitor Pattern is one that is used to define a new operation to a class without a change.

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Good head start about DP.

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