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Bio Brett Burridge has worked as a web and application developer since 1997. He has focused primarily on Microsoft technologies, including ASP, the .NET Framework and the SQL Server relational database. Brett has also developed a range of time saving developer tools, which include the "ASP Documentation Tool" and ".NET Documentation Tool" which automate the process of creating application technical documentation from application source code. He has also created the "SQL Documentation Tool" for documenting SQL Server databases. To find out more, visit my personal website at at, or read my blog at
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Resite's Recorder Express

Documenting Python Application Source Code

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SQL Documentation Tool for SQL Server 8.3

.NET Documentation Tool for C#/VB.NET 10.1

ASP Documentation Tool 8.2

.NET Documentation Tool for C#/VB.NET 10.0

.NET Documentation Tool for C#/VB.NET 9.8

ASP Documentation Tool 8.1

ASP Documentation Tool 8.0

SQL Documentation Tool for SQL Server 8.2

.NET Documentation Tool for C#/VB.NET 9.7

SQL Documentation Tool for SQL Server 8.1

.NET Documentation Tool for C#/VB.NET 9.6

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