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Bio Satheesh Babu (Nick name:"BabuLives"),got his BE degree from Bharathiyar university Coimbatore.He started his career in 2004 and he is a strong follower of Microsoft Technologies.Currently he resides in Bangalore and he is an employee of ANZ banking group.His primary interest are Web based application and he is passionate about all the Microsoft products. This made him to start a user group called .NetIndia ( or ) on July, 2005.He is moderating the group, posting articles, clarifying the technical queries for the past 2 years.The membership count is 800+ which he feels is a great achievement.He is one among the individuals who believes in sharing of knowledge is the best way to master a technology.You can see his posts on the group with the name "BabuLives" and ".Netindia".At free times he writes articles for his blogs ( and ).You can visit his site at alternatively for more articles and for more about him His recent initiative is,the site is under construction and it will be hosted very soon.Visit the site to see the primary designs of the site. Currently he spends his free time in creating the site.He got the Grand Prize from community credit for the month of April,2007 and he is a frequent visitor of community credit.Currently he works on ASP.Net 2.0,VS 2005,VSTS,SQL 2005 and etc.
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