Speed Up with Project Templates Using Visual Studio 2005 - Part 3
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by Ameet Phadnis
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Making changes to the vsTemplate file

Once the above changes are done on Web.Config file, you can export the template.  Follow these steps to make changes to the vsTemplate file to use this wizard.

·         Locate the zip file that was created when you exported the file.  You can find the location of the zip file by going to Tools->options->Projects and Solutions.

Figure 9

·         Extract the contents of the zip file.

·         Edit the MyTemplate.vsTemplate file.

·         Add the following after the TemplateContent section.

Listing 10

    <Assembly>ArticleWizard, Version=, Culture=Neutral, PublicKeyToken=78777d1dc618b0a3</Assembly>

·         ArticleWizard in Assembly element is the assembly name while version is the current version of the assembly.  The PublicKeyToken can be found out by just going to the GAC and the publickeytoken is specified next to the assembly.

·         Zip the template again.

With the above steps you have created the Template which uses a Wizard.  Now you can open VS 2005 and click on New->Web Site.  Select the newly created Wizard; you should be able to enter your server, database, userID and password information.  After clicking ok, it will create the database on the server specified and also create the connection string in the Web.Config file.

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User Comments

Title: Clarification   
Name: Jon
Date: 2007-01-09 3:34:33 PM
As a clarification, VS will still use the old version even after I go into the cache through the control panel and remove it.
Title: Development Process   
Name: Jon
Date: 2007-01-09 3:32:22 PM
What's the best way to actually build and test a wizard from the ground up?

I have my build process for the Wizard's project set up to sign the DLL and automatically add itself to the GAC (using: "gacutil.exe /if $(TargetPath)").

The problem is they will stay in the cache after every rebuild, so I need to either update the version number in the vsTemplate file and the project after each compile, or restart Visual Studio each time I want to test a new build.

Title: VB Bug ?   
Name: frisla
Date: 2006-09-20 9:52:51 AM
Hi A

The test for C# and VB.NET wore created as separated projects - C# Custom wizard and template project, VB Custom wizard and template project.

In VB as soon as I try to access my IWizard implementation, my VB template project wil not unfold, hence the error message. The template itself executes perfectly, but again as soon as I try to reference my custom wizard, using an "WizardExtension" entry in the xx.vstemplate I get the error message.

Any suggestions

- Thanks -
Title: No   
Name: Ameet
Date: 2006-09-19 7:37:26 PM
The article was written using VB.NET and not C#.NET.

Check whether you have created the template itself for C#.NET...
Title: VB Bug ?   
Name: frisla
Date: 2006-09-19 4:01:54 PM
Why is it you get a, "Unable to copy the file 'Application.myapp' from the project template to the project. Cannot find file ...." failure when you use VB.NET (2005), but using C# is a walk in the park ??????

Is the execution of the IWizard interface different in VB.NET ?????

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