Understanding the Global.asax file
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by Joydip Kanjilal
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Events in the Global.asax file

The following are some of the important events in the Global.asax file.

·         Application_Init

·         Application_Start

·         Session_Start

·         Application_BeginRequest

·         Application_EndRequest

·         Application_AuthenticateRequest

·         Application_Error

·         Session_End

·         Application_End

The purpose of these event handlers is discussed in this section below.


The Application_Init event is fired when an application initializes the first time.


The Application_Start event is fired the first time when an application starts.


The Session_Start event is fired the first time when a user’s session is started. This typically contains for session initialization logic code.


The Application_BeginRequest event is fired each time a new request comes in.


The Application_EndRequest event is fired when the application terminates.


The Application_AuthenticateRequest event indicates that a request is ready to be authenticated. If you are using Forms Authentication, this event can be used to check for the user's roles and rights.


The Application_Error event is fired when an unhandled error occurs within the application.


The Session_End Event is fired whenever a single user Session ends or times out.


The Application_End event is last event of its kind that is fired when the application ends or times out. It typically contains application cleanup logic.

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