Understanding ABAP Object
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by Arindam Ghosh
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Features of Object Orientation


According to this property, objects restrict the visibility of their resources (attributes and methods) to other users. Every object has an interface which plays a very important role. It determines how other objects can interact with it. It is found that the implementation of the object is encapsulated, which means that it is invisible outside the object itself.


According to this property, identical (identically-named) methods behave differently in different classes. Object-oriented programming contains constructions, which are called interfaces. They enable you to address methods with the same name in different objects. The implementation of the method is specific to a particular class, though the form of address is always the same.


According to this property, one can use an existing class to derive a new class. The data and methods of the super class are inherited by the derived classes. However, they can overwrite existing methods and add new ones.

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User Comments

Title: understanding ABAP Objects..   
Name: Anony
Date: 2008-10-06 8:28:45 AM
Its worth reading and after this we need some lessons with examples to work it out and see abap objects in action...
Keep up the good work.

Title: Understanding ABAP Object   
Name: Reena
Date: 2008-07-15 12:41:28 PM
Hi Arindam Ghosh,

I have read the entire article. Its indeed very useful and self explanatory.
Thank you providing the information so elaborately.
If given an example, it would have been even more appreciable...

Thanks and REgards

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