Understanding ABAP Object
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by Arindam Ghosh
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It is the instance-specific components, which are known as instance components. The static components are those components that are not instance-specific. The classes can define the following components in ABAP Objects.

The attributes are internal data fields that can have any ABAP data type within a class. The state of an object is determined by the contents of its attributes. One kind of attribute is the reference variable. The reference variables are also very important as they allow you to create and address objects. Reference variables can be defined in classes, which allow you to access objects from within a class.

Instance Attributes

The instance-specific state of an object is defined by the contents of instance attributes. They can be declared by using the DATA statement.

Static Attributes

The contents of static attributes define the state of the class that is valid for all instances of the class. The static attributes exist once for each class. It is declared using the CLASSDATA statement. They are accessible for the entire runtime of the class. All of the objects in a class can access its static attributes. If you change a static attribute in an object, then the change is visible in all other objects of the class.

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User Comments

Title: understanding ABAP Objects..   
Name: Anony
Date: 2008-10-06 8:28:45 AM
Its worth reading and after this we need some lessons with examples to work it out and see abap objects in action...
Keep up the good work.

Title: Understanding ABAP Object   
Name: Reena
Date: 2008-07-15 12:41:28 PM
Hi Arindam Ghosh,

I have read the entire article. Its indeed very useful and self explanatory.
Thank you providing the information so elaborately.
If given an example, it would have been even more appreciable...

Thanks and REgards

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