Dojo AJAX with JSON
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by Jayaram Krishnaswamy
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The tutorial has shown in detail how to access a document on the intranet which adheres to JavaScript Object Notation making an AJAX call built into the dojo tool kit (version 0.4.1, a new 0.4.2 has been released recently). With certain advantages that JSON enjoys over XML, usage of JSON has been leveraged by Yahoo and other sites. In the interest of completeness which many first time users are sure to appreciate, what may appear to be repetition of code in the listings is intentional. Each listing can be separately tested. It is shown that with dot notation the details of the JSON object can be accessed; however for this, one needs to know a priori the structure of the JSON object. This perhaps is a disadvantage compared to using XML which is self-descriptive unlike JSON. The Dojo Toolkit also provides what is called a filtering table, a much better suited GUI for display which can be scripted to filter and sort data. Trying to fill this table with the retrieved result is not straight forward when the object is nested as in this case.

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