All You Need To Know About ADO.NET: Part 1/2
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Allowing Updates via Bound Controls
A DataSet is an in memory copy of the data, updating is a two step process with the DataSet. The process of writing data to the table is distinctly separate from writing to the DataSet.

The first step is to update the DataSet with new information such as modifications, deletions etc. The DataSet does not automatically pass these changes to the underlying database. That has to be done explicitly. This is the second step in updating the database. Typically, this is achieved by calling the Update method of the DataAdapter. This method loops through the database checking every record for modification requirements such as Update, Insert or Delete. On finding modified records, the DataAdapter executes the appropriate update.

RowState Property
For finding out if a record has been modified or not, the RowState property of the DataSet is used. It has 4 values:

  1. UnChanged
  2. Modified
  3. Deleted
  4. Inserted

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Title: PC Analyst   
Name: Eddie Mathews
Date: 2006-11-27 6:23:17 PM
I am new to Visual Studio after many years of employment in other industries. Now I want to come but I am having problem locating the Data Form Wizard. I know my installation is correct.

Thanks buddy
Title: Joe   
Name: Joseph David
Date: 2006-05-04 5:32:24 AM
Click any Customer from the first grid and you will notice the second grid displaying records only for the selected Customer

how this work

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