Configuring SharePoint Virtual Machine LAN Connections
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Published: 21 Apr 2008
Insufficient VM LAN connectivity in the development of SharePoint solutions may cause developers to lose valuable time and peak development capabilities. This article provides reasons and steps to configure the most valuable VM LAN connectivity practices with the help of relevant steps and screen shots.
by Steven Barden
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It is not uncommon for developers new to using Virtual Machines to use Microsoft Virtual PC LAN connectivity in a manner that inhibits their development goals. This practice can not only lead to personal frustration by forcing the developer to take more complicated steps than is necessary to accomplish common goals, but it may even cause the developer to lose valuable time and peak development capabilities, resulting in slowed productivity, reduced 'eureka' moments and even one's job in extreme cases. This article pursues positive solutions to the problems posed by bad LAN connectivity practices in multiple examples.

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Title: guest   
Name: Andrei
Date: 2010-05-12 1:51:46 PM
Steven, thank you for the great article. I was able to use your steps and configured host and VPC connection back and forth, so the host can access SharePoint VPC thru the browser. But I lost internet connection from VPC then. Could you please give some more details how to fix it. Thanks. Andrei.

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