Built-in Charting Controls (VS 2010 and .NET 4 Series)
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by Scott Guthrie
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Charting Controls Now Built-into .NET 4

With .NET 3.5 you had to separately download the chart controls and add them into your application.  With .NET 4 these controls are now built-into ASP.NET 4 and Windows Forms 4 – which means you can immediately take advantage of them out of the box (no separate download or registration required). 

Within ASP.NET 4 applications you’ll find that there is now a new built-in <asp:chart> control within the “Data” tab of the Toolbox:


You can use this control without having to register or wire-up any configuration file entries.  All of the charting control configuration is now pre-registered with ASP.NET 4 (meaning nothing has to be added to an application’s web.config file for them to work).  This enables you to maintain very clean and minimal Web.config files.

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