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Parsing and Rendering the XML

In news.aspx I just displayed it to a table, you can do other things as well (like out some other content on the page). I'll explain it to you piece by piece.

<%@ Import Namespace="System.XML" %>
<script language="VB" Runat="server">
Dim StrOut


StrOut will contain the complete table.

Sub page_load(sender as object, e as EventArgs)
Call Display_News()
End Sub

Sub Display_News()
Dim Xread as XMLTextReader = new XMLTextReader(Server.MapPath("news.xml"))
strOut += "<table border=0 cellpadding=4 cellspacing=4 width=100%>"
While xread.Read()
Select Case xread.NodeType
Case XMLNodeType.Element


Page_load calls Display_News to show the table. You can see the XMLTextReader being declared and the table being started. xread.Read() is like the DataReader.Read(), it goes through the entire XML file, every node, every element. The Select statement will only check if it is an Element.

If xread.Name = "headline" Then
strOut += "<tr><td><font face=Arial size=2><b>" & xread.ReadString() & 
Else If xread.Name = "byline" Then
strOut += "<font face=Arial size=1>" & xread.ReadString() & "</font><br>"
Else If xread.Name = "blurb" Then
strOut += "<font face=Arial size=2>" & xread.ReadString() & "</font><br>"
Else If xread.Name = "link" Then
strOut += "<font face=Arial size=2><a href=" & xread.ReadString() & 
">Go There!</a></font></td>"
Else If xread.Name = "image" Then
strOut += "<td><img src=" & xread.ReadString() & " border=0></td></tr>"
End If


If the currently selected item is an Element it will check it's name and add the appropriate string onto strOut. You can see why some elements need to be where they are.

End Select

End While
Catch ex as Exception
Response.Write("Error Happened")
End try

strOut += "</table>"
lblXML.Text = strOut
End Sub

<asp:label id="lblXML" runat="server" />

Live Demo

This just finished off the Sub, error trapping and displays it on the page.

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