Code Documentation in .NET
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by Steven Swafford
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XML Documentation and the Payoff

As I stated previously, documenting your code adds clarity for you and others. The biggest payoff in my opinion comes with IntelliSense.


Figure 4: IntelliSense in Action

If you refer back to the example C# class in Listing 1, you will see now how the documentation that was written comes into play when you are working within the IDE. While some people may state that their development team is small and that there is simply not enough time to document each class, I beg to differ. Just imagine if the IntelliSense feature within Visual Studio .NET was not available and you had to consult the MSDN Library each time you came across something with which you were not familiar. Just imagine how much time a developer or group of developers would spend consulting the MSDN Library (and imagine if this documentation did not exist!).

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