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by Andrew Mooney
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.NET Support and the CodeWizard

.NET Support

ExcelWriter V4 has added on to the original .NET support with two new methods. The first being the ability to place an ADO.NET DataSet containing a single table into a spreadsheet. And the second allows you to bind a data source to a template spreadsheet that uses data markers to place the database columns you wish into the spreadsheet. This is an improvement over the previous version of ExcelWriter, which required that you move the ADO.NET DataSet into an array and then iterate through the data to place it in the spreadsheet.

The PostOne Financial Corporation is a fictitious company created by SoftArtisans to demonstrate the functionality of SoftArtisans ExcelWriter. The PostOne demonstrations include four complex spreadsheet applications created with SoftArtisans ExcelWriter: Checking account statement, Mortgage calculator, Investment portfolio, and Monthly sales report. These demonstrations give you a real look at what you can accomplish with ExcelWriter. For example, the checking account statement demonstrates the ability of templates to load different data into the same spreadsheet by having you pick a month for your report that contains a chart and a pivot table.


The developer editions of ExcelWriter include an automatic code generator named CodeWizard that creates scripts from existing spreadsheets. The CodeWizard takes a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and generates ASP, ASP.NET, or Visual Basic code to create an identical spreadsheet.

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