Effective Time Management
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by Arindam Ghosh
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Tolls and Techniques of Schedule Development

Schedule Network Analysis

Project schedule network diagram is schematic displays of the project’s schedule activities with their dependencies. Schedule network analysis generates the project schedule by using techniques like:

-critical path method

-critical chain method

-resource leveling

-What-if Scenario Analysis

This process calculates the early start, early finish, the start and late finish dates in the project schedule. This analysis also provides scheduled start and finish dates for the uncompleted project schedule activities.

Critical Path Method

The critical path method is a schedule network analysis technique which calculates the theoretical early start and finishes dates, and late start and finish dates, for all schedule activities without considering any resource limitations or constraints. The process of identifying critical path includes:

-forward pass analysis to calculate early start and early finish dates.

-backward pass analysis to calculate late start and late finish dates.

-analysis of float duration to identify critical path.

 Schedule Compression

Schedule compression is a technique to shorten to meet schedule to meet schedule constraints,

Imposed dates or other schedule objectives without compromising on the project scope.

Schedule compression technique are crashing and fast tracking


Schedule crashing is performed by adding more resources in order to complete the activity earlier. It may not always produce a viable alternative and can result in increased cost.

Fast Tracking:

Fast tracking is performed by parallel execution of phases or activities that are normally done in sequence. 

Resource Leveling

Resource leveling is schedule network analysis technique to address the situation where shared or critical resources are available at certain times or in limited quantities. 

Critical Chain Method

Critical chain is schedule network analysis technique that considers limited availability of resources while determining the project schedule. Critical chain combines deterministic and probabilistic approaches.

Project Management Software

It is used to help in schedule development process. This software automates the calculation of forward pass &backward pass, early dates and last dates etc.

What-if Scenario Analysis

What-f analysis is performed by analyzing of the question “What if the scenario ‘A’ happens?”   A

Schedule network analysis provides different scenarios, such a delaying a major component delivery, extending specific activity durations, such as delaying a major component deliver, extending specific activity durations, or introducing externals factor into the process.

Applying Calendars

Project calendars and resource calendars provide information of periods when work is allowed. Project calendars affect all activities of the project and resource calendars affect a specific resource or category of resources.

Adjusting Leads and Lags

The Leads and Lags are adjusted during schedule network analysis to develop a viable project  schedule.

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