Effective Time Management
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by Arindam Ghosh
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Tolls and Techniques of Activity Definition


Decomposition technique is used for activity definition process. This involves subdividing the project work packages into smaller, more manageable components called schedule activities. The Activity Definition process defines the final output as ‘schedule activities’ not the deliverables. Deliverables are identified in the Create WBS Process.


A standard activity list from a similar previous project may be used as a template for a new project. Standard templates may provide activity attributes like resource skills, efforts, risks, expected deliverables, typical milestone and other information.

Rolling Wave Planning

Rolling wave planning is a technique of progressive elaboration planning where the work to be accomplished in the near term is planned in details at a low level of the WBS, while far in the future is planned for WBS components that are a WBS, while work far in the future is planned for WBS components that are at a relatively high level of the WBS.

Expert Judgment

Experts with previous experience on similar projects in developing project scope statements, WBS, activity definition and project schedules may provide their expertise in the process.

Planning Component

Planning components are selected and used for planning and scheduling future project work at higher levels within the WBS.The schedule activities used for these planning components may be summary activities.

Two planning components are Control Account and Package.

Activity Sequencing

Activity Sequencing is the process of identifying and documenting the logical relationships along schedule activities. This logical relationship represents interactivity dependencies.

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