Effective Time Management
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by Arindam Ghosh
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Tolls and Techniques of Activity Resource Estimating

Expert judgment

Experts with specialized knowledge in planning and estimating can help in activity resource estimating process.

Alternatives Analysis

Alternative methods of performing the activity are analyzed during activity resource estimating process. These alternatives may be different levels of resource capability or skills, different size of machines etc.

Published Estimating Data

Somme organizations publish data on production rates and costs of resources for various human resources, materials and equipments for different locations. This helps in activity in resource estimating process.

Project Management Software

Project Management software provides an efficient process of planning, organizing, and managing resource pools and developing resources estimates. Resource breakdown structures, resource availabilities, resource calendars, and resource rate can be defined project management software.

 Bottom-up Estimating

Bottom-up Estimating is used, when a schedule activity cannot be estimated with a reasonable degree of confidence. The work within the activity is decomposed into more details and estimation is performed at lower level.

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Title: Mr.   
Name: Tyrone Nunnely
Date: 2007-02-15 1:52:29 PM
I believe this is not correct...
Standard Deviation=(Pessimistic-Optimistic)/6^2

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