Introduction to .NET Framework Tools
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by Suresh Kumar Goudampally
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Installutil.exe - An Insight

Installutil.exe is the tool which allows us to install or uninstall server resources in a specified assembly.

This tool works with the support of the classes in the System.Configuration.Install Namespace.

The syntax of using the tool is as follows:

installutil [/uninstall][option [...]]assemblyname ]

[option [...]]assemblyname

These are the following options provided by the tool.





Displays all the available options of the tool.


Eg:  Installutil  /h




Specifies the name of the assembly.


     /? assemblypath

Displays any additional options recognized by individual installers within the specified assembly.




Specifies the name of the log file where install progress is recorded. The default is assemblyname.InstallLog.


Installs the specified assembly.



 Uninstalls the specified assembly.

Example 1:

Installutil  -I  assembly1   

This installs the specified assembly.

Example 2:

Installutil  /u  assembly1   

This uninstalls the specified assembly.

Example 3:

installutil /LogFile=myLog.InstallLog myAssembly.exe

The following command executes the installers in the assembly myAssembly.exe and specifies that progress information will be written to myLog.InstallLog.

Installutil.exe cannot install or uninstall delay signed assemblies, but can install or uninstall strong named assemblies.

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