Introduction to .NET Framework Tools
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by Suresh Kumar Goudampally
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DbgClr.exe - An Insight

This tool mainly provides the services for debugging the solutions to find out the bugs and fix the bugs. This tool provides debugging services like rich Graphical interface and helps developers to debug the applications that target the common language runtime.

Microsoft visual studio debugger and DbgCLR.exe are much the same with only some differences.

Here are the some of the differences between Microsoft visual studio debugger and DbgCRL.exe debugger:

Using DbgClr.exe, we cannot debug the win32 native code applications.

Only applications targeted to common language runtime can be debugged using DbgCLR.exe.

Remote dubbing is not possible using DbgCRL.exe.

The Disassembly window is implemented in the CLR Debugger, but shows the disassembly code that would be generated for the application if it were compiled as Win32 native code rather than common language runtime code.

The DbgCLR.exe does not support F1 help.

The CRL debugger does not support the auto windows feature.

This is all about DbgCLR.exe tool.

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