Introduction to .NET Framework Tools
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by Suresh Kumar Goudampally
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Al.exe - An Insight

The Assembly linker tool generates a file with an assembly manifest from one or files that are either modules or resource files.

The general syntax of using tool is as below:

Al Source options

Here are the some of the commands of the al.exe and their description in detail.




  /embed[resource file name]



This command embeds the file into an image and copies the contents of the file into the portable executable file.


The output for the resource file will be a  assembly which is called satellite assembly.



  /link [resource file name]



The file name can be in any of the format and here the file is not copied. This option will generate a native dll and can be installed in the global assembly cache.


  /bugreport : file name



Creates a bug report in the specified path if there are any bugs.





This is used to specify the copyright field in the assembly.


This option is used to specify the culture for the assembly.






Specifies whether assembly can should be fully signed or partially signed. By default it is fully signed.




Specifies the description filed in the assembly.


 /fileversion:version name




This option is used to specify the file version for the assembly.


This displays all the options available with the tool.





It specifies the key pair value in a file to sign the assembly.




Specifies the fully qualified name (class.method) of the method to use as an entry point when converting a module to an executable file.


Specifies the name of the file produced by Al.exe. This is a required option.


Example 1:   Generating an satellite assembly using the resource file

Al /link:"c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Samples\Exensys.Resources.resx","c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Samples\Exensys.Resources.resx" /out:Testsss.resources.dll /c:en-US.

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