Introduction to .NET Framework Tools
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by Suresh Kumar Goudampally
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Sn.exe - An Insight

This is the tool which helps assemblies to sign with strong names. Sn.ex provides various options for key management, signature generation and signature verification.

Here are the some of the commands of Sn.exe tool through which we can manage the strong key and signing an assembly.

    Command Name




Creates a random key pair and stores in a file.

    Eg :  sn –k keypair.snk 



This command is used to check whether the assembly is valid or not.


  Eg:  Sn –v  TestAssem.dll


This command is used to extract the key pair value from one file to another file.


Eg: sn –p  kepair.snk ss.snk


Displays all the options available for the tool.


 Eg :  sn –?


Displays all the options available for the tool.


 Eg :  sn –h


This is used to set the default Cryptographic service provider for signing the assembly.


Eg:   sn -c



Extracts the public key from the assembly and stores it in outfile.


Lists current settings for strong name verification on this computer.

           -R assembly infile

Re-signs a previously signed or delay signed assembly with the key pair in infile.

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