Understanding Project Quality Management
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by Arindam Ghosh
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Planned, Emergent and Unanticipated Changes

No matter how well a project is planned, there are likely to be unforeseen circumstances or issues that simply cannot be determined up-front. Types of change can be divided into two major categories - planned and unplanned. Unplanned changes can be subdivided further into emergent and unanticipated, based primarily on awareness and control of the changing circumstances:


This is change that is planned and, basically, implemented as anticipated.


Emergent - a proactive response to unforeseen circumstances (for example, additional or conflicting requirements may become apparent and are responded to; alternatively, circumstances may change)

Unanticipated - change that is unplanned and unforeseen (for example, people may use implemented technology in a way that was not intended)

Unplanned change is likely to happen, no matter the competency and preparation of the Project Manager. Governments change or are restructured. New technologies develop and old ones become redundant. People’s opinions or viewpoints change. Changes that involve negotiation or substantial learning (either organizationally or individually) tend to involve a great deal of emergent or unanticipated change. The outcomes of learning or negotiation can be anticipated, but not wholly planned, as they tend to emerge over time.

Unplanned change does not have to be unmanaged. Emergent and unanticipated issues can be addressed, either within the scope of a single project or by translating a major initiative for change (a vision for change) into a number of interlinked projects, rather than one monolithic project. Signs that there is a need to consider carefully the management of emergent or unanticipated issues includes:

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This site has added value to my project quality assignment. It is a very useful site.

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